I’m writing you all from a train…


I am currently writing this from a train.

But that aspect legitametly has no significance. 

I read this quote online the other day, “Life status: Currently holding it all together with one bobby pin.”  I had a good chuckle after reading it because it’s so relatable to my life at the moment!
I just finished my fall trimester of school ummm maybe 3 hours ago and I’m en route home for thanksgiving break! Between the stress of finals and school and constant back and forth-ing for work, I’m so happy to go home and actually enjoy being there. Not to mention have an extended amount of time to lounge around with the dogs…

So I guess this is just a check in to say hey. A check in to share a funny quote. A check in to show you that though my life may not be together my luggage is…soooooo…all is right with life 🤗


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